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Nowadays, everybody is traveling. India itself or foreign countries. The tourism rate in india is growing, 9.7% from 2015 to 2016. 8.8 million people where entering india and the number increases. All over the world people are packing their stuff in backpacks or trollies and going to a airport, railway station or different points. Now its modern to travel by ship.

A Place To Be

Either way, sooner or later, all travelers are searching for a place to be, a place to stay. It depends on how long they are staying in one place. Some are at another place every day, others are staying longer. Some are staying for weeks or months and a small number of travelers decide, they wanna live there, maybe forever. But all together have one big thing to share – to stay somewhere.

Staying where?

So where can you stay? When I was traveling the world together with my girlfriend, we have stayed in one place for mostly two or three nights, not more. So we tried to find a nice little room or house to be. A clean and quiet place, which you can find easily with public transfer. At the beginning of our journey, we wanted to stay next to the airport. Thats the most important thing at first.

To get warm with the country, to have a place which you can call your Homebase and from where you can go for little walks in the surroundings. How did we find these accommodations? That was easy. We have found the most on airbnb. In the beginning of our tour through India we have stayed with the founder of Country Home, Surajit Banerjee. We chose him, because he has known how to manage airbnb.

What are the things you need to do in airbnb? Pictures! Especially real pictures. No pictures from photoshop. The other important thing to do is the description. A short but informative Description. The one, which is written more than positive could be something wrong. A good picture of the host Self description of the host Maybe some good requests, many stars learning from the tourist requests, to know their needs Payable price – depends on which kind of guests you want to have Good description for the way to the guesthouse Check in earliest as possible and check out latest as possible

How a stay should be

Once you are staying with somebody or at somebody’s place, there are some more important points. Now you want to see what you have read in the description. And we loved it, if the host was friendly and had some time for us to talk with. But also, if the host had a some distance to us. Surajit Banerjee gave us so many tips for planning our trip trough india. He had so many ideas. So what are you doing, if you want to stay somewhere longer. You can also stay in a Airbnb for a longer time, but isn’t it cheaper if you rent a apartment? Whatever! Isn’t it a good idea, to share your home with others and earn some money for that? Even if you are not at home, because you need to move to another country for work or something else.

What are you doing with your home? Who will take care about it, who will clean it and who will welcome some guests if you want to make money with it? You will need somebody who is there, that’s for sure. Did you know, that airbnb is worldwide? When we have been traveling around the world, mostly we stayed in a Airbnb. There we meet so many friendly persons, that was one of the most exciting experiences on our trip. Some became our friends and we are still in contact with them. And we will never forget our stay with Surajit and so many other hosts from airbnb. Thats why we stayed four times at his place.

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